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Grooming removes dead and matted hair as well as dirt, debris and dust improving the coat’s appearance and health.

Brushing helps to stimulate the skin and distribute natural oils to create a healthier, shinier coat.

Removing loose hair will reduce the risk of ingested hair creating internal blockages.

It’s an ideal way to bond with your pet. Many animals use grooming to reinforce bonds.

Grooming is a good opportunity to examine your pet for signs of infection or injury.

Make sure you groom your pet on a low, stable and comfortable surface, on your lap can be ideal.

To finish, gently brush in the direction of the coat. Be careful not to damage delicate skin, especially near sensitive areas.

Regular grooming will reduce the risk of mats and knots.

Longer coats can be groomed daily, if required, whilst shorter coats typically require grooming no more than once a wekk.

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 29 × 17 × 4 cm


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