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»all nature BOTANICALS« by Bunny Nature stands for excellent structured food of the highest quality.

The finely-tuned, component-rich mixtures were developed with a lot of know-how and attention to detail by veterinarians and small mammal experts, carefully mixed by the Bunny Nature team and lovingly filled by hand.

Only the best plant components, which are pure and intense in flavour, are worth being used. Nature, the natural habitat of herbivores, is the model for the »all nature concept« which is 100% based on this.

Bunny Nature BOTANICALS Mix of Echinacea Petals & Sunflower Blossoms is a supplementary food for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus.

It provides the following health benefits:

  1. Respiratory support
  2. Soothes inflammation
  3. Boosts overal health and vitality of your pet because it’s useful to combat infections. It acts as a natural antibiotic.
  4. Promotes blood circulation
  5. Calms anxiety
  6. Supports healthy cell growth


Echinacea (88%), sunflower blossoms (12%)

Roughage in itself is quite fantastic. It offers the herbivores a variety of culinary options, coupled with crispy-long chews. Simply ideal. So far as a snack. And now – through a special combination of raw materials – a balanced complete feed is possible!

And now Bunny Nature have developed a nutritional concept: »all nature BOTANICALS«. It consists of many unique plant, flower and herbal mixtures. Incredibly versatile, qualitatively exceptional and with a powerful taste.

But what makes these mixtures a nutritional concept? »all nature BOTANICALS« stand for different mixtures of unique structural food. It can either be fed as a snack to the traditional diet and greatly enrich the daily diet, or it is merged into a complete diet, just like in a modular system.

A feeding table prepared by veterinarians helps in a simple way. So: for a complete diet, take one of the varieties of »BOTANICALS MAXI MIX«, combine it with a »MID-MIX« variety and feed the necessary »VITAMINS« as a snack.

You just have to stick to the feeding table, weigh it, feed it and you‘re done. Of course, always offer high quality hay and fresh drinking water. We offer to round off fine vegetables or a protein kick. In addition, you can – offer carefully at the beginning – feed fresh food, of course. Brilliant!

Why do veterinarians recommend adding vitamins to the Botanicals mix? 

Anyone who knows Mother Nature can only agree with the vets. Summer, sun, sunshine …. winter, rain, mud …. the weather has it all in store for us.

And of course this also influences nature, in other words, also the plants, herbs and flowers. Depending on the weather conditions and harvest periods, the nutrients, vitamins and minerals can vary extremely. However, this isn‘t good for animals in the long run, as they will develop deficiencies. Of course that won‘t happen overnight.

But in the long-term, it has enormous health implications for animals. And to be on the safe side, it is recommended to offset the natural imbalances with vitamin snacks or to administer the essential »Vitamin C« to guinea pigs. This is really simple with »Vitamin snacks« in tablet form. They taste so good, they are best fed directly by hand.

We definitly take it seriously when we claim that we can be 100 % sure that animals are being properly cared for. And we are!

The quality of each component is very important to us. Only when we use the best products, do the animals like the taste and stay healthy. At Bunny Nature they mix the fine formulas carefully themselves and lovingly package them by hand.

There are two options to feed this food

1. As a Snack
the »BOTANICALS MAXI MIX and MID MIX« are particularly good due to their fine ingredients and natural composition. The mixture corresponds to the natural diet of herbivores and ideally completes their daily menu. All varieties taste deliciously fresh and provide a tasty variety.
2. As a Complete Diet
The entire »all nature« concept is also perfectly suitable. It is nutrition tailored to individual needs, which can be put together as desired, as if it were a modular system. The »BOTANICALS MAXI MIX« varieties with their various flavours are used as the main ingredients and are mixed with the »BOTANICALS MID MIX« varieties in the correct proportions.

In addition there are »all nature VITAMINS« and the complete structural food product is complete – without pellets and extrudates.

For all those who cannot, may not or do not want to eat other processed/compressed feed components but do not want to miss out on balanced staple food. With this concept, herbivores are fully supplied in a completely natural, pure way.

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 32 × 18 × 8 cm


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